07 May 2009

Chess Board Set Up

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For chess beginners. How to correctly set up the chess board to play chess? It's very easy to set up the chess board correctly if you know these 2 simple rules. Otherwise, you may easily place the chess pieces on the board in a wrong way...

To learn the topic, you are recommended to see this short video on Chess Board Set Up. To see the chess video, just click the Play button below:

• If the video stops, drag a little right the player's handle.
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You have seen the video and understood how to correctly set up the chess board. The following is just to remind you the set up procedures:

• Place the empty board so that "the square in the lower right-hand corner is white."
• So, remember the 1st memo rule regarding the chess board "white on right."
• Place 8 white pawns on the 2nd rank, and 8 black pawns on the 7th rank.
• Place 2 white rooks and 2 black rooks on the corners.

• Place 2 white knights and 2 black knights next to the rooks of the same color.
• Place 2 white bishops and 2 black bishops next to the knights of the same color.
• Place the white queen on the white center square, the black queen on the black.
• So, remember the 2st memo rule "queen on color."
• Place each king next to the queen of the same color.

To correctly set up the chess board to play chess, please always remember these 2 memo rules:
• "White on right."
• "Queen on color."