Chess Video | The Power of Zugzwang

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This chess video is dedicated to a chess tactic called zugzwang. Do you know what the chess zugzwang is all about? Have you used the zugzwang in a real chess game? See the video below to learn more on this chess tactic. The video is named "The Power of Zugzwang."

Before seeing the chess video, you are recommended to read the following information which will give you more general data on the zugzwang... What does the word of Zugzwang stand for? The word of Zugzwang is a German word. From German, it means "compulsion to move."

Zugzwang is a combination of 2 German words. Zug is "a move" and Zwang is "compulsion" or "force." Now you are closer to getting one of the best chess tactics. In chess, zugzwang is a chess tactic used to create the position in which the opponent has only bad moves...

Now you are ready to see this chess video on the zugzwang tactic. The video runs 3 minutes and 45 seconds. First read a definition of zugzwang, then learn the power of zugzwang on the example of 3 chess puzzles. To start the video, click the Play button below:

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