Windmill or See-Saw Chess Combination

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The name of today's video is "Windmill or See-Saw Chess Combination": This chess video will show you a beautiful chess combination. The combination is usually conducted by the rook and bishop as a series of regular and discovered checks.

When conducting the Windmill or See-Saw chess combination the queen may replace the rook or bishop, but it happens rarely. The aim of the Windmill or See-Saw combination is winning massive amounts of chess material in effective way.

The combination is sometimes forerun by a sacrifice. In using this chess tactic, it is important to follow the correct sequence of moves: regular check - taking the opponent's piece at the discovered check - going back to check again...

Now you are ready to see this video. The video consists of the following 2 parts: Part 1 is introduction to the Windmill or See-Saw combination. Part 2 is a real example of the combination. To start the video - click the Play button below:

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