Chess Calculation: The Square Rule

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The name of today's video is "Chess Calculation: The Square Rule": This video will show you a chess calculation rule. The rule is named the Square Rule. The rule is used for quick calculation in chess and is useful in the king pawn endgame.

The king and pawn against the king. The pawn being supported by the king sometimes can be promoted, sometimes not. Sometimes the pawn can be promoted even unsupported... The Square Rule allows to quickly calculate if the Unsupported Pawn Can Be Promoted or Not.

The Square Rule works in the following way: 1. Build the Square. 2. If the king of the weaker party can enter the Square - No Promotion. 3. If the king of the weaker party cannot enter the Square - The Pawn is Promoted. You need 1-2 seconds to calculate.

Now you are ready to see this chess video. The video consists of the following 3 parts. Part 1 is introduction. Part 2 is explanation of the Square Rule. Part 3 is 4 examples how to use the Rule and quickly calculate. To start the video - just click the Play button below:

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Thank you for seeing this video on the Square Rule which is useful for chess calculation.
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