20 Chess Puzzles on Mate in 1

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At the bottom of this page you can find chess video which contains 20 chess puzzles on mate in 1. Usually, it is not difficult for the chess player to find the correct solution in the mate in 1 position. But when you are limited in time, mating in 1 may be not so easy.

The following is more information on the chess video below. As it was said, the video is 20 chess puzzles on mate in 1, and it must be a good chess practice for the beginner or intermediate chess player to solve the puzzles on mate in 1 in the environment of limited time.

All chess puzzles on mate in 1, which are shown in the video, are not so difficult. Each puzzle will be displayed for 10-12 seconds. After this, you will see the only correct solution. There are no more than 4-8 chess pieces on the board. Play as White and Mate in 1.

Now you are ready to see the video which contains 20 chess puzzles on mate in 1. The video is 6 minutes long. To start the video and to begin solving the mate in 1 puzzles, click the Play button below:

• If the video hasn't shown up, please wait a little.
• If the video stops, drag a little right the player's handle.
• If the video displays an error, try to start and play it later.

You saw the video on mate in 1. Thank you for seeing and solving!