14 August 2009

Chess Endgame Puzzles: Rook Ending

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Chess Endgame Puzzles: Rook Ending. More about this endgame video puzzle... The Rook against Rook ending. Black has 2 extra Pawns and is very close to win. Try to find the only solution to save the game. White to Move and Draw: Use the Stalemate idea and crazy Rook effect... The chess video puzzle is provided with the hints and designed to improve your chess endgame.

The puzzle solving order:
1. See the position.
2. Read the puzzle hints.
3. Have a 30-second solving try.
4. See the puzzle solution.

To see this chess video puzzle on Rook Ending and a short story about crazy and smart Rook, click the Play button below:

More short chess puzzles on endgame positions are to follow. You are recommended to remember and learn the main ideas of these endgame video puzzles for real chess play.

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