01 December 2010

En Passant

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This page presents a chess video on the en passant chess move which is made by the pawn. The title of the video is "En Passant." First you are welcome to read the below information which gives you more on the en passant move and prepares you for seeing the video.

En passant is the most rare and misty move in chess. "En Passant" is a French word. In chess, it means taking the "in passing" pawn. The en passant move or en passant capture is possible only on the pawn which has made the 2-square move from its start position in 1 go.

The en passant capture is made as if the taken pawn had moved only 1 square on. En passant may be made only at its first opportunity. No way back. This move is not mandatory - Mostly. But en passant is mandatory when it is the only way out of stalemate or check.

The en passant chess notation is usual (for example: dxc3, sometimes dxc3 e.p.). This move was introduced in the 15th century. In a game, there might be few en passant moves of White and Black. And now - the video. To start it, click the Play button below:

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Thank you for having seen the video on the en passant move in chess!