08 December 2010

Knight Bishop Mate

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Today's chess video is "Knight Bishop Mate". This video will show how to checkmate the lonely king with the king, knight and bishop. The knight bishop mate is the most difficult, and they consider that the chess beginner is not able to deliver such mate in a game.

According to the rules, if the chess player is not able to checkmate the opponent's lonely king with his king, knight and bishop within 50 moves, the result of the chess game is a draw. And sometimes, even Grandmasters miss the knight bishop mate for 50 moves...

The knight bishop mate is possible only at the corner which matches the color of the bishop. To checkmate, you should follow these 2 steps: 1. Drive the opponent's king to a correct corner. 2. Checkmate at the correct corner. Be careful to avoid stalemate at play.

Driving the opponent's king to a correct corner is a difficult task - very difficult... The video will show you which tactics to use. The video will show you the mating theory and a Grandmasters real game example. To start the video, click the Play button below:

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This mate is a nice coordinating practice in moving the king, knight and bishop.
For exact techniques of checkmating with the knight and bishop, see this video:
A YouTube Video - Knight Bishop Mate