05 January 2011

Chess Endings | Bishop v. Bishop & Pawn | Same Color

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Today's chess video is dedicated to the chess endgame - the bishop chess endings. Its name is "Bishop v. Bishop & Pawn. The Same Color". The video will show a few rules how to play the bishop endings where both chess players have the bishops of the same color.

The following is more to read in short on the topic before you see the video... The chess endings with the bishops of the different colors usually end in a draw. The chess endings with the bishops of the same color usually is a win or draw with 50/50 possibility.

When entering the bishop v. bishop & pawn (bishops the same color) ending, it is important to have the King close enough to the promoting pawn. If you a weaker party, more chances to take the pawn and draw. If stronger, more chances to promote the pawn and win.

The video below includes the introduction. It will show a chess game between 2 grandmasters on the bishops ending. Black has lost but missed a draw. Learn now how White has won and see how Black could draw... To start the video, just click the Play button below:

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• If the video displays an error, try to start and play it later.

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