21 January 2011

Rook v. Rook & Pawn | Main Position & Black Blunder

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Today's chess video is dedicated to the rook v. rook & pawn endgame, which is the most common ending in chess. The name of the video is "Rook v. Rook & Pawn. Main Position & Black Blunder." The video is not completed - It is only part I, and part II of this video will follow.

The video shows one of the most important positions in the rook v. rook & pawn endgame. The position is as follows: The weaker King is before the pawn - not behind it. The pawn and the stronger White King did not cross the 6th rank (3rd rank for Black, if Black is stronger).

For the weaker player in the rook v. rook & pawn endgame, it is important to keep his or her King before the opponent pawn but not behind it. The weaker player must draw such positions. Also, the weaker player must avoid a typical blunder which is shown in the video.

This chess video includes the next 2 parts: Part I is titled "Main Position." It shows an important position for the rook v. rook & pawn endgame. Part II is titled "Black Can Draw It." It shows the first correct moves to draw. To start the video, click the Play button below:

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You saw a video on the rook v. rook & pawn endgame. You learned a main position that is very important for this ending. You learned the Black blunder. You understood that the weaker player could draw this position in several ways... The next video will show you how to draw.