12 January 2012

Chess Website for Mobile Devices

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This chess video is dedicated to the chess lovers who are the owners of mobile devices. If you have a mobile device which is capable to connect to and browse the Internet... If you have iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet PC or the like, this chess video post is for you.

This is to announce a new chess website designed for mobile devices, to give its website address and short description. This is to propose you a video which shows you more details on the chess mobile website. The website address is http://www.mobile.chesselo.com.

To open the website, you should type www.mobile.chesselo.com or mobile.chesselo.com on your mobile device. The website is the mobile version of http://www.chesselo.com. The mobile website proposes chess puzzles and explains in simple the Elo rating system in chess.

The chess puzzles are categorized into 2 groups: puzzles for intermediate players and those for chess beginners. The puzzles are provided with the solution hints and solutions. The hints must be selected. For quick load time, there is only one puzzle on a separate page.

Now you are ready to see the video on the mobile.chesselo.com website. The video is short in time, but it will give you a proper picture of the chess mobile site. You will understand the site look and its navigation. To start the video, click the Play button below:

• If the video hasn't shown up, please wait a little.
• If the video stops, drag a little right the player's handle.
• If the video displays an error, try to start and play it later.

You saw the video on a chess mobile website. Thank you for seeing and welcome to mobile.chesselo.com!