01 May 2009

Chess Piece Values

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Chess Piece Values: All chess pieces except for the King have their own values, which can be calculated in relative points. By which factors are the values calculated? What are other factors to consider? How to compare the values of Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn?

Is it possible to increase the chess piece values? Is it good for you to exchange the Queen for 2 Rooks? The Bishop and 3 Pawns for a Rook? 2 Pawns for a Knight? You should know this chess knowledge because it is very important for successfully playing chess...

To find the answers, you are recommended to see a video on Chess Piece Values. The video will explain you in simple the topic. It will also provide you with the Table of Chess Piece Values. To view this chess video on Chess Piece Values, click the Play button below:

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You saw the video and understood the topic. Just to remind you, please find below the Table of Chess Piece Values and some additional information on the topic:

Table of Chess Piece Values
Queen = 10 Points
Rook = 5 Points
Knight = 3 Points
Bishop = 3 Points
Pawn = 1 Point

Additional Information
• 2 Bishops are stronger than 2 Knights.
• If developed, the chess piece has more value.
• If locked or at the corner, the chess piece looses its value.
• At the endgame, the value of the Pawn is higher.
• The closer promotion, the more value of the Pawn.

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