12 July 2009

Chess Video - About

Please read the below information to better understand the purpose and design of this chess blog chess-video.blogspot.com.

Blog Concept
• To promote chess.
• To provide only chess videos.
• To have chess videos simple in design.
• To give short explanation on each video.
• To categorized videos by chess series.
• To have the Sitemap for quick navigation.

Chess Video Series
• Famous Chess Games Ever Played.
• Chess Game: Avoid Blunders.
• Chess History.
• Chess Puzzles.
• Chess Tactics.
• Chess Rules.
• Other Chess Topics.

Note: Chess topic "Chess Openings for Beginners" is to be covered on a separate chess site (you can find its address in the list below).

Blog Support Team
The blog is supported by the ChessElo Team which also runs:

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