20 August 2009

Bishop vs. Bishop | Chess Endgame Puzzle

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Bishop vs. Bishop | Chess Endgame Puzzle. To find this chess video puzzle, make one click down. The puzzle will show you a typical endgame where a White Bishop plays against a Black Bishop in order to promote a Pawn. White to Move and Win. Play as White and try to find the only way to promote the Pawn...

More about this video puzzle... Bishop ending: Sometimes it is difficult to break through the Bishop's "fire". There are some combination ideas how to overcome the Bishop line. This video puzzle will show you one of them how to neutralize the Black Bishop... The puzzle is provided with the hints and designed to improve your chess.

The video puzzle's solving order:
1. See the position.
2. Read the puzzle hints.
3. Have a 30-second solving try.
4. See the puzzle solution.

To see this chess video puzzle under the name of Bishop vs. Bishop, click the Play button below:

• If the video stops, drag a little right the player's ruler handle.
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On this site, you can find more chess endgame puzzles - short chess video. All are specially selected: Each puzzle will give you an idea what to do in the chess endgame. 30-second try and you will win or save the game, or you will go for nothing... See the combination ideas once to remember forever...

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