02 September 2009

Famous Chess Games

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Famous Chess Games: A Launch Page of Chess-video.blogspot.com. The page is designed to give you easy one-click access to all the Famous Chess Game videos located on this site. The topic being completed, find below the links and short information on each Famous Chess Game...

Famous Chess Games: Links and Short Information

The following is 11 links to the Famous Chess Game videos located on this site. Each link is in bold first. Click it and the link will open a separate page of this site in a new window of your browser. After you see a video, you can close the newly open window and return back to this Launch Page to see another famous game.

A 1619 Greco's Game
See A 1619 Greco's Game, which was played by Gioachino Greco in 1619. Gioachino Greco was an Italian chess player and writer. He recorded some of the first chess games for history, 77 in total. This game is one of them... White won, only 8 moves, Queen sacrifice, checkmate.

The Opera Game
See the Opera Game, which was played by Paul Morphy in 1858. This famous game was named the Opera Game because it was played at the Paris Opera House... White won, 17 moves, Philidor Defense, quick White development, Queen sacrifice, checkmate.

The Immortal Game
See the Immortal Game, which was played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in London in 1851. White won, 23 moves, King's Gambit, Queen sacrifice, 2-Rook sacrifice, checkmate. Adolf Anderssen was also playing another famous game, which is next in the list...

The Evergreen Game
See the Evergreen Game, which was played between Adolf Anderssen and Jean Dufresne in 1852. The game was named the Evergreen Game by Wilhelm Steinitz... White won, 24 moves, Evans Gambit, powerful attack, Queen sacrifice, checkmate.

The Game of the Century
See the Game of the Century, which was played between Bobby Fischer and Donald Byrne in 1956. Bobby Fischer named this game as the best in his chess career, and he was playing this famous game at the age of 13... Black won, 41 moves, Grunfeld Defense, Queen sacrifice, powerful attack, checkmate.

The Petrov's Immortal
See the Petrov's Immortal, which was played between Alexander Hoffmann and Alexander Petrov in Warsaw in 1844. Alexander Petrov was a famous Russian chess player, chess composer, and chess writer... Black won, 20 moves, Italian Game, Queen sacrifice, King hunt, checkmate.

The Polish Immortal
See the Polish Immortal, which was played between Glinksberg and Miguel Najdorf in Warsaw, Poland, in 1928. Miguel Najdorf was a Polish-born Argentine chess grandmaster, famous for his Najdorf Variation... Black won, 22 moves, Dutch Defense, sacrifice of all minor chess pieces (2 Knights, 2 Bishops), checkmate.

The Peruvian Immortal
See the Peruvian Immortal, which was played in 1934 by Peruvian chess master Esteban Canal. Esteban Canal was awarded the IM title in 1950, and he became a GM in 1977... White won, 14 moves, 2-Rook sacrifice, Queen sacrifice, checkmate.

The Immortal Draw
See the Immortal Draw, which was played between Carl Hamppe and Philipp Meitner in Vienna in 1872. Both chess players are not well known, but the chess community is enjoying this famous draw... Draw by agreement, 18 moves, Vienna Game, Queen sacrifice, Black King having a funny walk across the chess board.

The Octopus Knight
See the Octopus Knight, which was played between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov as Game 16 of the 1985 World Championship Match. The game was named the Octopus Knight because of the dominating position of the Black Knight on d3... Black won, 40 moves, Sicilian Defense, dominating Knight, White resigned.

Deep Blue vs Kasparov: 1996, Game 1
See the Deep Blue vs Kasparov: 1996, Game 1. This game has upset the chess world: A computer named Deep Blue challenged the reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov and won. Deep Blue was specifically designed by the IBM company to take on Garry Kasparov... White won, 37 moves, Sicilian Defense, Black resigned.

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