13 September 2009

Pawn Endgame | To Take or Not

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Pawn Endgame | To Take or Not | Chess Puzzle: To find this chess video puzzle, make one click down. To take the Pawn or not to take? That's the question, and very important in this chess puzzle. White to Move and Win. Play as White and try to find the solution. The puzzle is to show you an useful idea you should be armed with in the chess endgame.

This chess puzzle: A typical endgame position... White: The King and 2 Pawns. Black: The King and 3 Pawns. All Pawns are blocked. A White Pawn is very close for the promotion, and the White King is going to help. But which move must be first for the White King? To take the Black Pawn or just bypass it? Learn the puzzle idea. The first move of the White King is...

The chess puzzle's solving order:
1. See the puzzle position.
2. Read the puzzle hints.
3. Have a 30-second try to solve the puzzle.
4. See the chess puzzle solution.

To see this chess puzzle under the name of To Take the Pawn or Not, click the Play button below:

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You've seen a chess puzzle on Pawn Endgame. You've understood the idea. To take the Pawn or not to take? Usually this idea works when an opponent's Pawn (usually it is a Pawn, sometimes opponent's other chess piece) is an obstacle for the opponent himself... If the Black Pawn is taken, the Black King will have the way free to prevent the White Pawn promotion.