01 February 2011

Chess Tactics All

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This chess video is devoted to chess tactics. The name of the video is "Chess Tactics All," and it will give a general picture on all tactics used in chess with the real examples on each tactic. To get it visible, it is better to see the below video once.

What are chess tactics? Chess tactics are to limit the opponent options and get quick chess profit. Usually, it is extra chess material. Chess tactics are the opposition to chess strategy which has long time tasks. All chess tactics are build around the following 14 blocks:

• Fork. • Pin. • Skewer. • Discovered Attack. • Battery.
• Undermining. • Overloading. • Deflection. • Interference.
• Sacrifice. • Zugzwang. • Zwischenzug. • Stalemate. • Windmill.

Zugzwang is a German word which means "compulsion to move." In chess, it is a tactic used to create the position when the opponent has no good moves to move. Zwischenzug is a German word too. In chess, it is a tactic of using the intermediate move to win.

Another name of skewer is X-ray attack. Another name of undermining is removal of the guard. Pin is similar to skewer. But unlike pin, in skewer the more valuable piece is first on row. See examples on each tactic. To start the video, click the Play button below:

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