31 January 2011

Rook v. Rook & Pawn | Main Position Black to Draw

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Today's chess video is dedicated to the rook v. rook & pawn endgame, which is the most common ending in chess. The name of the video is "Rook v. Rook & Pawn. Main Position Black to Draw," and seeing it is important for learning how to play the rook endgame.

The video shows a fundamental position in the rook v. rook & pawn endgame. The position is as follows: The weaker Black King is before the pawn - not behind it. The pawn and the stronger White King did not cross the 6th rank (3rd rank for Black, if Black is stronger).

In the above position, Black can draw this rook endgame in several ways. Under his move, Black has 2 ways of draw. The video will show only way 1, which is easier to learn. Way 2 is not shown because of many complications. If White to move, Black has only 1 way of draw.

The video runs as one unit. At the beginning, it introduces the initial position. Black: king and rook. White: king, rook and pawn. The video shows 2 ways of how Black can draw under 3 different scenarios... To start the video, just click the Play button below:

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